The Library of Peace

The Library of Peace
est. August 28, 2013
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(28 official co-founders)

John R. Naugle - Atlanta, GA
Dr. Peter van den Dungen - Bradford, UK
Fumi Johns Stewart - Wasaic, NY
Steve H. Klein - Atlanta, GA
Terry L. Hester - Houston, TX
Shailesh Kalyan - Atlanta, GA
Sandra Massie Hines - Houston, TX
Shiva Vangara - Pondicherry, India
Geri Taran - Atlanta, GA
Dr. Paul Alexander Wolf - Adelaide, Australia
Samuel Baker - Boston, MA
Jaya Kamlani - Atlanta, GA
Dr. Margaret S. Herrman - Athens, GA
Ayshah V. Powers - Atlanta, GA
Kathryn Kelton -Tampa, FLA
Jahangir Piara - Lahore, Pakistan
Axil Kollist - Hawaii, USA
Vandana Pabrai - Pondicherry, India
Andrew B. Greene - Freetown, Sierra Leone
Lakshmi Thadani - Atlanta, GA
Dr. Alex Liu - Pasadena, Calif.
Adam Crane - Atlanta, GA
Kathy L. Harvey, M.A. M.Sc. - Atlanta, GA
Jan Maarten Braak - The Hague, Holland
Ashie S. Hirji - Marbella, Spain
Andre Sheldon - Newton, MA
Dr. Michelle La Seur - Houston, TX
Norlyn Dimmitt - Geneva, Illinois


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FOUNDING RESOLUTIONS for: "The Library of Peace" (click here)...

INVITATION - The Library of Peace now welcomes digital-library designers to engage as official co-founders. We will also be seeking directional and funding support from the Open Archives Initiative, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Coalition for Networked Information, the Digital Library Federation, Google Digital, and many other Partners & Sponsors. We invite and welcome YOU to participate as an official co-founder (regardless of where on Earth you live).

The City of Atlanta is an ideal HOME for the (future) Global Peace Academy and its accompanying Library of Peace. WE believe that millions and hundreds of millions of people worldwide already look at Atlanta as a city of peace because Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born there and is one of Earth's most respected and accomplished Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. Dr. King is also the most globally productive peace movement protege (student) of... Gandhi: Man of the Millennium (Years 1000-2000).

The Library of Peace has already placed an honorable 'first right of refusal' request with the esteemed owner of a collection of peace books that almost amount to 8,000 volumes. In similarity, by 1815 - Thomas Jefferson, the U.S.A's third president, had acquired the nation's largest personal collection of books. At this time, he sold his 6,487 volumes to establish the Library of Congress. GREAT news! Atlanta: City of Peace (ACP) has 'sights' on the IDEAL founding-collection for the Library of Peace. It may cost us $1,000,000 to acquire this amazing collection, but "WE HAVE A DREAM" that providence and deep-pocketed official co-founders will come forward.

The Library of Peace will become a global gateway of peace history and culture found in digitized books, manuscripts, photographs, government documents, newspapers, maps, audio, video, and other resources. This library will eventually connect users to a million digital objects in more than 200 collections from dozens of widely respected institutions, NGOs, and forward-thinking government agencies. The Library of Peace will continue to grow through developing partnerships with other libraries, archives, museums, government agencies, and allied peace organizations from around the Earth.

The ancient Library of Alexandria (in Alexandria, Egypt) was the largest and most significant library of the ancient world and it functioned as a major center of scholarship from its construction in the 3rd century BC. The vision and/or 'seed' for the Library of Peace has been germinating for a while. In year 2012 and the new era of transformation, 'the seed' popped out into the Light, through this initial site, and it has been growing in vision since then. We welcome YOU to join us an official co-founder.

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